Song Lists

These lists display song and artist (but not album – you can’t have everything!) names without truncation – unlike the inserts you got with each week’s CD. Just doubleclick the file to open.

Week 4 Songs

Week 5 Songs

Week 6 Songs

Week 7 Songs

Week 8 Songs

Week 9 Songs

Week 10 Songs

Week 11 Songs

Week 12 Songs


2 Responses to “Song Lists”

  1. Karl Koenig Says:

    I can’t get to page other than page one. Please help, Karl

    • Don Bashline Says:

      Karl – If your talking about the Song Lists page, you can only get to page 1 because there is only one page. When I led the course back in 2008, I handed out CDs to the course members every week – they listened and we discussed the musoic in class the following week. The Song Lists page contains links to track lists for each of the CDs. Click each link and you’ll get a PDF with the track list for that week. That’s all there is to it. Hope this helps, and thanks for reading.

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