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4 Responses to “Bibliography”

  1. Tricia Hogan Says:

    The Bibliography is worthy of one for a PhD thesis! Amazing. Quite a feat to type too. Thanks. Tricia

  2. Don Bashline Says:

    It would have been a feat to type had I typed it – I had the help of Zotero, which is a browser-based research assistant. The only thing I couldn’t get done with it was formatting.

  3. Dan Watt Says:

    I’d like to recommend Nick Dawidoff’s, “In the Country of Country: A Journey to the Roots of American Music.” Dawidoff travelled to the homes of many of the “old Masters” of Country, Bluegrass and “old Timey music. He visited the Carters, Bill Monroe, Earl Scruggs, etc. told their stories, learned about their sources, and what became of them and their families at the time of writing (about 12 years ago-the book came out in 1998).

  4. Don Bashline Says:

    I added it to the Biblography – thanks for the tip, Dan.

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