About this site (Updated 12/17/08)

This site is was a companion to the Fall 2008 Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement (HILR) study group on the Anthology. Comments and feedback are (still) welcome not only from study group members and HILR members, but from anyone who happens to stop by.

UPDATE: The course is over, but the blog is not. It will be, at least for now, an outlet for occasional comments on whatever music I’m listening to and a resource of sorts for musical events and news. I’d love for it to turn into a group blog, and if anyone is interested in that kind of collaboration, leave a comment and we’ll see.


9 Responses to “About this site (Updated 12/17/08)”

  1. David Horgan Says:

    FYI – here are updated links to the Anthology Page and Podcast page at the Smithsonian Folkways website:



    Thanks for initiating the discussion!

  2. Mark Alimansky Says:


    This seems like a great site. May I suggest that you put a pointer to it on the HILR course website set up for the course. It may redirect course members for the first time or other HILR members who might like to see what your doing and planning.

    Best regards and thanks.

  3. Don Bashline Says:

    Mark – There is a link to the blog on the HILR course website, in the section titled (I think) “Additional Course Information.” It’s been up there for quite a while. At Jim Johns’ suggestion, I’m also going to post the syllabus on the HILR website when I get it done (Monday?). Thanks for the comment.

  4. George Y Cha Says:

    Hi Don and my fellow classmates,

    It was a true revelation when I was listening to all of your comments after John Cohen’s film. I am one that was never too deep into the interpretation of a film’s theme, or the lyrics of a song. I basically accept what’s put in front of me, no more or less. But your commentaries on the film shed a new understanding of what I should’ve been looking for, and I thank you.

    I play the banjo, and this Anthology is opening a new dimension for me. In the past 3 hours, I’ve played Volume 2 for the nth time. I’d noticed that most songs are instumental, i.e.,Arcadian One Step, The Wild Wagoner, and they lend fittingly to a banjo accompaniment. So, sitting next to the computer, find the right key (the hard part) and I can double thumb to the melody- I’ll start with just a 2 beat accompaniment for now, and intend to add more complexity as I move along.

    Folk music is simple, melodious, and beautiful, and lends to participation. And I think these are the root reasons that I’ve made it a part of my life for over 40 years.

    My wife just said “Hubby, you are in paradise!”

    One last comment. I want to introduce you to a wonderful banjo camp every May in Groton MA. Go to http://www.mugwumps.com for more information.

    I’ll stop here, see you all in 2 weeks.

    George Y Cha

  5. Don Bashline Says:

    Thanks, George, for letting us know you play the banjo. Dan Watt and I have talked about him doing some singing at some point during the semester – can we ask you to accompany him?

    I’m with you on the revelation part – it’s the Miracle of HILR – you get a dozen of the right people in a room and wonderful things happen.

  6. Don Bashline Says:

    George, I’ll add that mugwumps link to the list.

  7. George Y Cha Says:

    Hi All,

    The following is the list of songs of my person interest:

    Volume 1:

    Charles Giteau
    Engine 143
    John Hardy
    Old Shoes and Leggins
    Henry Lee
    Old Lady and the Devil

    Volume 2:

    The Wild Wagoner
    Arrcadian One Step
    La Danseuse
    Old Country Stomp
    Saut Crapaud

    Volume 3:

    The Spanish Merchants Daughter
    The Mountaineer’s Courtship
    Single Girl
    Fishing Blues
    Roll Down the Line (Kingston Trio made ths song famious in 1959, I took on the bango after Dave Guard. He later quit the trio, went down to Australia and became a sheep farmer).

    Thanks Don.

    George Y Cha

  8. marty goldman Says:

    Sorry I missed the last two weeks. It was a great course and I have been listening to the Carters as I play with my computer in Tucson. Boy what an effort this was for oyu. Take a rest
    Please send me your address so can send the $17.00. I will not send a discounted check related to the S and P level
    Have a good winter

  9. Ellie Levine Says:

    I am still trying to be “one of the guys.” Did I mass muster by getting on the blog. If I did, I’ll try to figure out what I did properly. I have given myself a new identity “gramma4” and a new password.

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