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Which Side Are You On?

September 3, 2012

It’s Labor Day, as if that’s more than just another Monday holiday to most Americans. Income inequality continues to expand, union membership continues to decline. No doubt, the plutocrats have got us on the run.

And now they’re moving in for the kill: a new book by Edward Conard would like to see all taxes eliminated for the very rich, while at the same time making bank bailouts guaranteed. That doesn’t leave a whole lot for the rest of us, does it? Is Conard just some right-wing crank? Hardly. He’s a former Bain Capital director, friend and million-dollar plus contributor to Mitt Romney. Should the day arrive when Mitt and Ann move to Washington, Conard will have a good seat at the inauguration.

Florence Reece wrote “Which Side Are You On,” a song workers will be singing for as long as there is work to be done. Her father died in a coal mine, her husband died of black lung, and she never stopped fighting for the men and women who followed them. So take your pick. Florence Reece or Ed Conard? That’s our choice now. Which side are you on?