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Help Kelly Willis on Kickstarter! (Updated – THEY MADE IT!)

January 16, 2012

Kelly Willis and her husband, singer-songwriter Bruce Robison, are finally making a record together, and they’ve decided to self-finance it by way of Kickstarter.

They’ve recorded three songs already and are doing the rest a couple of songs at a time. Brad Jones is producing and what they’ve done so far sounds great.

I hope you’ll head right over to their Kickstarter project page and help out in any way you can. You don’t have to be Bill Gates or Warren Buffett to make a real contribution and get a real reward. One (that’s 1) lone dollar gets you a song download and newsletter – get a signed copy of the album when it comes out for only $25. There are contribution categories from $1 to $10,000 (a house concert!) with a bunch of options in between. They need about $11,000 with 10 days to go, and truly, every little bit helps.

Kelly and Bruce have made beautiful music together (and apart, for that matter) for many years, but have never done an album together. This project is probably their (and our) best hope of getting it done.

Here’s one you’ll hear on the new album, from a recent show – it’s Waterfall, and it’s beautiful…please enjoy, and give till it hurts!

Update: The project is now fully funded! Great news for Bruce and Kelly, and for us!


Half Past Dead

January 8, 2012

That’s what this blog has been lately, while I more or less abandoned it to lead a study group on the Southern Diaspora. The course is over and I’m hoping to ease back into a semi-regular posting schedule over here. what better way to begin than with this video of Wilco, Mavis Staples and Nick Lowe – they’re in a dressing room at the Civic Opera House in Chicago and they’re having fun with The Weight. Please enjoy, and happy new year to all!