Harry’s Films at Anthology Film Archives July 10


It’s a rare chance to see some of Harry Smith’s films on the (more or less) big screen! Anthology Film Archives is at 32 2nd Avenue in NYC, two blocks north of the 2nd Avenue stop on the F train.

Four short films screen beginning at 6:15: Early Abstractions, Mirror Animations, Late Superimpositions, and Oz, the Tin Woodman’s Dream.

At 8:15 see Number 12: Heaven and Earth Magic. P. Adams Sitney called Number 12 “one of the strangest and most fascinating landmarks in the history of cinema.” Few who have seen it would disagree with at least the first part of Sitney’s verdict.

I’ll be at the 6:15 show if you want to say hello. I’ll be one of the bearded guys with glasses, and I’m not at all sure how much that will narrow it down.

For those of you who have other plans for tomorrow evening, a lot of Harry’s films are available on DVD from the Harry Smith Archives. If that doesn’t work for you either, here’s Harry’s own summary of the plot of Heaven and Earth Magic:

“The first part depicts the heroine’s toothache consequent to the loss of a very valuable watermelon, her dentistry and transportation to heaven. Next follows an elaborate exposition of the heavenly land, in terms of Israel and Montreal. The second part depicts the return to Earth from being eaten by Max Müller on the day Edward VII dedicated the Great Sewer of London.”

Needless to say, that doesn’t begin to do it justice. Here, to get you started, are the first few minutes of the film – please enjoy, and if you like what you see, stop by tomorrow night.


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