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Who Were They?

February 12, 2010

I’m still sick about the Who’s performance at halftime of last week’s Super Bowl. The first time I saw the Who was back in 1968 at an outdoor show at the old Wollman Rink at Central Park in NY. They were more than musicians for me that night: they were, like so many of the others I heard in that amazing year, prophets proclaiming a new world. Looking back at those prophecies now, we can laugh at our own naivete, or cry over the missed opportunities, but the one thing we can’t do, must never do, is rip those prophecies out of context and make them intermission entertainment¬† like the “let’s all go to the lobby” cartoons they used to show between features at the drive-in. But that’s what happened, that’s what the Who¬† have done to their own music, and in the process “we won’t get fooled again” becomes a sad and ironic demonstration of how we do get fooled, every damned time.

At least I’ll always have Central Park. Here’s the Who, the real Who, and My Generation. Please enjoy.


Dylan (And Many Others) At The White House – See It Tonight On PBS

February 11, 2010

Tonight at 8 on your local PBS Station (details here) In Performance At The White House presents, in honor of Black History Month, a special show of music from the civil rights movement. Among the performers is Dylan, Smokey Robinson, Joan Baez and Stevie Wonder.

The link above gives you a bunch of videos from the show, none of which, unfortunately, is embeddable here.

The best I can do is an audio-only version of Dylan’s The Times They Are A’Changin’. If you’ve heard him do it in recent years, get ready for a surprise – this is a spare and eloquent acoustic rendition, more “traditional” than his current live performances. Please enjoy, and don’t forget to tune in tonight.