Kate McGarrigle R. I. P.


Kate McGarrigle has died at the age of 63. She leaves behind a family whose membership includes not only blood relatives, but millions who have loved and been moved by the music she made.

This loss is a tough one for me. Way back and long ago in a very hard time a good friend gave me Dancer With Bruised Knees. It became and remains a go-to record for me, so basic to who I am that there’s no way I can do it justice here.

All I can do is what I always try to do here, and that’s to let the music speak for itself. Here’s Heart Like A Wheel.

Update (1/20): There’s a wonderful tribute to Kate McGarrigle at Vanity Fair – just go read it.

Update II (1/20): Hendrik Hertzberg has a lovely column about the McGarrigles here.

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