Please Help Haiti!


The Haitian disaster is beyond my poor power of description. We’ve all seen the pictures, we’ve all read the stories – if we multiply that horror by hundreds of thousands, we might begin to approach the misery that country and its people are suffering right now.

We must help in whatever way we can. The best way to begin is to head over to the Center for International Disaster Information – you’ll find plenty of suggestions on how to make your donation of goods, services or money count, and count quickly. Please go there now.

The musical heritage of Haiti is a rich one, drawing on the French influence as well as that of the neighboring Dominican Republic and nearby Cuba. The mizik rasin (roots music) that got started in the 1970s drew on all these as well as reggae, American rock and even the vodou religious ceremonies. Listen and watch the Boukman Experyans perform Ti Pa Ti Pa. If you know what the lyrics are about, tell us about it – whether you have a clue about the words or not, you won’t be able to sit still while it’s playing. The band got it’s name from two revolutionaries of different eras: Dutty Boukman was an 18th century vodou priest involved in the Haitian Revolution. “Experyans” is a transliteration of Experience, as in the Jimi Hendrix Experience. I think they live up to their name. Please enjoy the music and please help as much as you can. Thanks!

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