Mary Travers, R. I. P.


Mary Travers has died at the age of 72. Not much to say except “Thank you, Mary!”

Here are Peter, Paul and Mary at Newport with a rousing If I Had a Hammer. That old hammer and that old bell and that old song still have something to say to us, so listen and remember and say your own goodbye to a great performer who touched us all.

One Response to “Mary Travers, R. I. P.”

  1. Callie Says:

    Well, I guess this is what happens when you don’t listen to the news, read Rolling Stone, or visit Harry’s music. I was stunned this morning to learn of the passing of Mary Travers (thank you, Harry!) and will offer this little story. Many, many years ago two friends and myself were in an elevator somewhere in NYC to see some producer; my friends were excellent musicians (one is now a big name in ukelele (!) in upstate NY) to show him what they could do. I’m not quite sure of their intention, but I was along for the ride. On the way up, Mary Travers with her long blonde hair and smile stepped into the elevator. She was a heroine of mine and I was transfixed. She saw the guy’s guitars, asked what they were doing and gave a big smile with words of encouragement.
    I will never forget that chance encounter with this wonderful woman.

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