Hear The New Joe Henry CD Free At NPR.org!


I learn tonight from James Fallows’s blog over at The Atlantic Monthly that NPR has a feature called “Exclusive First Listen.”

What they do at “Exclusive First Listen” is post an about-to-be-released CD, in its entirety, for your streaming (but not downloading) enjoyment. The music goes away as soon as the CD is available for purchase.

Playing through my Macbook’s speakers as I write is this week’s exclusive feature, Joe Henry’s new one, Blood From Stars. One of these days I’m going to do the Joe Henry post I’ve been thinking about for a long long time, but today is not that day, so for now, just hop on over to NPR.org and listen. Next week they’ll be streaming a 1967 live set from Tim Buckley (I want to hear that now!) and the week after that the 50th Anniversary package from the New Lost City Ramblers.

If you want to see Joe Henry as well as hear him, here’s a video of him singing Time is a Lion from his 2007 CD, Civilians. Please enjoy.


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