Eyewitness Report From The Harry Smith Frolic


A thousand thanks to Bill Dillof, who sends this missive direct from the recently concluded Harry Smith Frolic. Bill writes:

What you missed this year was some amazing food (beef & pork tenderloins, venison, elk) and the first re-enactment of Volume 3. Also, a five piece string band playing in a tree (replete with bass). On account of the rain, Saturday’s festivities were moved to the pavilion, with benches circled around a simulated bonfire. With some amazing performances, we managed to complete all 26 sides. We are considering holding the event in the pavilion in the future because of the obviously improved comfort and acoustics. A symbolic bonfire will remind us of the smoke and mosquito years.

Thanks, Bill – I’m sorry I missed it, although my missing the smoke and mosquito years may have been OK.

Bill, by the way, is a member, with Paula Bradley and Jim Burns, of the old time music band Run Mountain. You’ll find the band’s website, including some great music, right here, and even more music (along with a bunch of videos and a list of upcoming shows) at Run Mountain’s myspace page.

Your next chance to see Run Mountain live and in person is at 51 Main (not surprisingly, it’s at 51 Main Street) in Middlebury, Vermont. The show starts at 9 PM. They’ll also be at the Champlain Valley Folk Festival on August 1 and 2. Check them out.

Your next chance to see a Run Mountain video is as close as it can possibly be: here’s Paula Bradley clogging to Tennessee Breakdown, accompanied by bandmates Dillof on fiddle and Burns on banjo. Please enjoy!


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