Folk In Lowell And Geremia In Cambridge


Summer has finally arrived here in New England, and the unaccustomed tropical conditions are slowing me down a bit. So all you get today are a couple of plugs for upcoming musical events.

Paul Geremia is performing at Club Passim in Cambridge tomorrow night (July 19) at 7:30. If you’ve seen Paul before, you can now skip ahead to the part where you buy tickets for the show. If you haven’t, there’s a video down at the bottom of this post, and with it my solemn assurance that Paul is the best bluesman ever to come out of the Providence River delta. Lloyd Thayer is billed as Paul’s “special guest” for the gig, and if you love the sound of the dobro, you’ll love Lloyd Thayer. Tell ’em Harry’s Music sent you.

July 24-26 is the 23rd edition of the Lowell Folk Festival. The music’s all free, and if it’s folk, you’ll find it there. Tuvan throat singing? Look no further. Brazilian capoeira dance? Your search has ended. Bluegrass? Zydeco? Klezmer? All of the above and many more. Show up hungry – there’ll be plenty of ethnic food vendors, and when you’re done eating and dancing you can check out the crafts displays from everywhere in the world.

Note that I’m also adding a link to the Oxford American website, which I wrote up a few weeks ago. They’ve got some new mp3s posted, so even if you’ve been there, go back.

Here’s the Paul Geremia video, from a performance at one of the world’s most revered blues venues, the Center for Arts in Natick, Massachusetts. Please enjoy.


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