Did Any Of You Go To The Harry Smith Frolic?


My recent post on the Harry Smith Frolic got a lot of attention – I hope some who found out about this great event by way of this blog found their way there this past weekend.

If any of you did, can you do me a big favor? Please either leave a comment below or send me an e-mail: dbashline-at-gmail.com.

I was visiting family and unable to attend, so I’m hoping to get as much information on the proceedings as I can.

Thanks! And in partial payment for your trouble, I’m posting my favorite clip of the man himself, Harry Smith. In 1991 only a few months before his death in November of that year, Harry received a special Grammy award. Here’s the presentation. Please enjoy!


One Response to “Did Any Of You Go To The Harry Smith Frolic?”

  1. Bill Dillof Says:


    What you missed this year was some amazing food (beef & pork tenderloins, venison, elk) and the first re-enactment of Volume 3. Also, a five piece string band playing in a tree (replete with bass). On account of the rain, Saturday’s festivities were move to the pavilion, with benches circled around a simulated bonfire. With some amazing performances, we managed to complete all 26 sides. We are considering holding the event in the pavilion in the future because of the obviously improved comfort and acoustics. A symbolic bonfire will remind us of the smoke and mosquito years.

    Bill Dillof

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