Music From The Oxford American


The Oxford American bills itself as “The Southern Magazine of Good Writing,” but for a long time it’s also been the Southern magazine of good music as well. Their annual Southern Music issues quickly turn into collector’s items, including as they  do a CD with at least a few cuts you’ve never heard and can’t find anywhere else. From Sun Ra and R.E.M. to Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell (a duet!), and almost every stop between, they’ve all turned up in Oxford’s music issues.

Now they’ve got a website, and they’ve brought the music along. Every month there’ll be an “Editor’s Choice” set of mp3s available for your listening pleasure, and the first month’s selections are going to be hard to top going forward. A couple of the artists you’ve read about right here at Harry’s Music: there’s a cut from Carlene Carter’s almost-new CD, Stronger, and a sample of Bela Fleck’s African collaborations. Add a Chris Isaak duet with Trisha Yearwood, the unjustly ignored Rodriguez (you MUST listen to this one) and a rock band from the deserts of Mali (don’t ask!) and you’re still only half done.

Hurry over there now – these mp3s come down on July 8 to be replaced by another set. And while you’re there enjoy some of the good writing, too. It’s a great magazine and they’d love to add you as a reader.

Here’s a clip of Tinariwen (that’s the band from Mali) doing Chet Boghassa. I don’t know what the words mean, but the music hits me in all the right places. Please enjoy!


2 Responses to “Music From The Oxford American”

  1. Ray Wittenberg Says:

    Thanks Harry!

  2. Folk In Lowell And Geremia In Cambridge « Harry’s Music Says:

    […] that I’m also adding a link to the Oxford American website, which I wrote up a few weeks ago. They’ve got some new mp3s posted, so even if you’ve been there, go […]

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