Nanci Griffith: New Album, Live Chat


The album, The Loving Kind, comes out on June 9 and includes 9 songs written or co-written by Nanci. The chat is this coming Thursday, May 21 at 7PM EDT, over at Howie Klein’s Late Nite Music Club.

As Howie points out, its been a while since Nanci’s work has been this explicitly political. She wrote Not Innocent Enough about the 2007 execution of Philip Workman, which went forward despite evidence casting doubt upon his guilt, and the title song is named for Mildred and Richard Loving, plaintiffs in the 1967 Loving v. Virginia civil rights case. Mr. Loving was white, his wife Mildred black, and a Virginia law banning interracial marriage forced them to leave their home state to avoid prison. The U. S. Supreme Court eventually ruled the law unconstitutional and reversed their conviction.

From The Loving Kind, here’s Across America – please enjoy, and stop by to say hello to Nanci on Thursday. She is a national treasure, and any new work from her is cause for celebration.

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