Watch Out! It’s The Boogie-Woogie Flu!


Swine flu is the story of the day in much of the world, and it’s a serious matter – we all need to stay informed as we await developments. But there’s another strain of flu that, although dormant for many years, remains highly contagious. That would be the boogie-woogie flu, generally accompanied by the rockin’ pneumonia.

As a public service, Harry’s Music presents a video in which Jerry Lee Lewis describes the symptoms most closely associated with this illness. Huey “Piano” Smith contracted the first known case back in the 1950s, and Johnny Rivers, Dr. John, and even the Grateful Dead are known to have been afflicted. Jerry’s is the most interesting case to have been captured on video. You owe it to yourself to watch.


One Response to “Watch Out! It’s The Boogie-Woogie Flu!”

  1. blissuhl Says:

    I have got a bad case of the boogie woogie flu. Is there a cure?

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