Texas Songwriters – Nanci Griffith


What was originally planned as Texas songwriter week is, thanks to my inability to get the posts done, in danger of becoming Texas songwriter month. I will be moving along sooner or later, but before I do, let’s talk a little about Nanci Griffith.

She’s done such a great job singing other writers’ songs that her own writing sometimes gets overlooked. The one time a CD of hers was nominated for a Grammy (Other Voices, Other Rooms, 1994) it included exactly none of her songs. But she’s written (or co-written) some great ones, including Outbound Plane, Listen to the Radio, Love at the Five and Dime, and my own personal favorite, the much-covered Gulf Coast Highway. Nanci’s songs, like those of her early mentor Tom Russell (see my post on him here), shine a light on those invisible folks we’d never take a look at otherwise. Where would we be, in times like these, without the songs Nanci wrote?

Here’s Nanci performing Gulf Coast Highway, which she co-wrote with James Hooker and Danny Flowers. Please enjoy.

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