Delaney Bramlett, R. I. P.


What can you say about the man who convinced Eric Clapton he could sing, and taught George Harrison how to play slide guitar? Tonight all we can say is “goodbye,” because Delaney Bramlett died yesterday at the age of 69.

Bramlett’s musical influence is incalculable. His recordings (Original Delaney and Bonnie and Motel Shot are great places to start) were influential well beyond their sales figures, and the songs he wrote (Superstar, Let it Rain, Never Ending Song of Love among them) have been covered by dozens of artists.

Delaney was also a friend and mentor to many. Many of those friends have signed his guestbook tonight – the man they describe had gifts that went well beyond his music.

Here are Delaney and Bonnie with some illustrious friends (Eric Clapton, Bobby Whtilock and Dave Mason) with an acoustic Poor Elijah from around 1969.

2 Responses to “Delaney Bramlett, R. I. P.”

  1. Duncan Walls Says:

    Ain’t it a shame. I’ve been offline for three weeks and this is what I find when I return. I am so sad. I saw D&B once opening up with the Free for Blind Faith and they were the real stars that night.. Just listen to this and see how real it all is. I don’t thin k he ever really got his due. He will be missed in ways we cannot even imagine.

    • Don Bashline Says:

      Welcome back, Duncan – you’re absolutely right about Delaney not getting his due. One of his gifts was that he made everyone around him better, and as important as that is, it’s not something that lends itself to recognition. Those who knew him best loved him most.

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