To Be Continued…


Yes, our study group is over, but the beat goes on, and so will our blog. I’ll post less frequently, but I’ll do an occasional essay on someone I’m listening to, keep you up to date on local events, and just generally let you know I’m still around.

I also invite any readers who’d like to become contributors to post a comment – a group blog setup might be just the thing.

Tonight’s video is of Kate and Anna McGarrigle performing Foolish You from their first record, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, released in 1976. They gained fame as songwriters (Heart Like a Wheel) before recording, but seem to me the truest interpreters of their own material. Their followup, Dancer With Bruised Knees, is every bit as good as the first. Listen to both, and then The French Record (the sisters were born in Montreal).

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