Down and Out


Those who decided to wait before paying the group copying fee of $17 made out like the proverbial bandits. Today’s S & P 500 close of 868.57 means that $17 has somehow turned into $16.62, and each of you has turned a quick thirty-eight cent profit. Please consult a qualified professional for advice on the tax consequences of this transaction, and don’t forget to bring the funds tomorrow. Thanks.

Of course, I don’t mean to treat our current economic situation lightly – in the real world, these losses are having serious consequences. It is for just such situations that the blues were invented, and in the video below (music only) Bessie Smith reveals a truth which many of us have already learned: nobody knows you when you’re down and out. Listen and find out why the blues are cathartic: Bessie suffers for all of us. See you tomorrow.


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