Week 12 Open Thread


This is the spot to continue our somewhat scintillating discussion of this afternoon – we covered a lot of ground, but I know a lot of us had more to say. So say it in comments, it’s easy and fun! It’s an open thread, so nothing is off topic.

By the way, the S & P 500 closed today at 888.67. Next week those who did not pay today will pay $17 adjusted for the percentage gain between now and next Monday’s close. I’ll do the math and post the result Monday night.

Jeff mentioned Richard Thompson today – so I figured I’d post a little video. He started out as a teenager with Fairport Convention, recorded for many years with his then wife, the remarkable Linda Thompson, and is still out there doing what he does – he played Berklee twice this year. With a wealth of amazing performances to pick from, I went with a solo acoustic version of I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight, in which Mr. Thompson makes his guitar do some marvelous things. Please enjoy and please leave a comment on your way out.


One Response to “Week 12 Open Thread”

  1. Duncan Walls Says:

    My first time on your site and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself for the last little while. Nice to see this period of Richard T live. I was lucky enough to see Fairport with him early on and then one of the final tour with Linda dates and several solo and band dates since (maybe six all together) but this video seems to be from the ‘sufi’ period and is something I’ve never seen. Looks and sounds like a double drop D tuning, but I wouldn’t be surprisede if it’s a bit more complex than that.

    I also enjoyed the Richard & Mimi cuts…what a JOY seeing Pete’s show and what it offered. I remember well reading of it way back when. My parents were hip enough to give me a subscription to Sing Out! for Christmas in 1966 and I lived for each issue [and still have them] for the couple of years I had left in high school and wished that Pete’s show was something I could have watched. How cool to finally be able to see thses shows 40+ years later. I’ll be back.

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