Week 11 Open Thread and Thank You Note


A thousand thanks to David and Judy for helping us to sing today. I’ve always loved listening to these wonderful songs, and after our little sing today, I know there will be a new dimension to my enjoyment.

This is our usual weekly open thread, so comments on any topic, shape note or not, are welcome.

YouTube has been an amazingly fertile resource for this blog, and what do we have tonight but a rendition of Africa, the very song we sang today, by none other than Norumbega Harmony, singing at the Andover Newton Theological Seminary in Newton, Mass. The video has only the third verse, and it’s led by Robert Dove. So sing along, you know the words!

One Response to “Week 11 Open Thread and Thank You Note”

  1. Judy Uhl Says:

    David thinks his knees might be in the picture to the left… Is that fame or what!

    Thanks to the class for being good sports and soldiering on with the singing. I was amazed that we managed to sound like we were actually on key at least half of the time. What’s that movie about the old folks who sing??? If the economy really tanks, maybe we can become buskers of note….

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