Movie Poll and Party Thread


First, the December 16 party – feel free to use the comments section for party planning purposes. Of course, other comments are welcome, as always.

About the movie – I couldn’t find a trailer online, and there’s none on the DVD, so the best I can do is to link to the page for it. It’s called Festival, and it’s a documentary with clips from the 1963-1965 Newport Folk Festivals: lots of Dylan, Baez, and Peter, Paul and Mary, and some very good stuff by older musicians like John Hurt and Son House. It runs 97 minutes and it doesn’t lend itself to editing of any kind by me. I think it’s either all or nothing, but I’ve put a “cut it in half” choice on the poll. I’ll split anything we watch over the last two weeks, so if we see the whole thing, it’ll be the first hour of each of our last two classes.

Arguing for the “all” side: it’s exactly on topic for our last two weeks (we were going to talk about rediscovered musicians in week 11 and the revival in week 12), and the music is great. It’s beautifully photographed, the sound is excellent, and it says a lot about the question we asked on day one: what is folk music? On the “none” side: it’ll take up one and a half of our last four hours. You make the call!

One Response to “Movie Poll and Party Thread”

  1. Judy Uhl Says:

    Let’s bring refreshments! Judy

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