Week 7 Open Thread


Anything goes in an open thread, so please leave a comment or two. Since we didn’t get much of a chance to talk about the banjo week readings or music, this is a great place for your questions, interjections, proposals or whatever.

On the way out yesterday, Marty asked me for a definition of the blues – I mentioned the twelve-bar structure and the three-line verse and left thinking I had said something worthwhile. On the way home I realized I’d done more harm than good. I did get the “facts” right, but facts don’t quite cut it here. In Black, Brown and Beige, Duke Ellington wrote: “The blues ain’t nothing but a cold, gray, day, and all night long it stays that way.” That’s closer, but in the end we each have our own blues, and however many bars or lines or verses it takes to touch those feelings, that’s the blues to me. Keep listening (and eating! see the video).

One Response to “Week 7 Open Thread”

  1. danwatt Says:

    I’ve been struck by how much of the blues we’ve been listening to in “Deep Blues” seems to focus on women as sexual objects, trying to attract women with claims of sexual prowess, boasting of conquests, complaining about losing a woman (probably to another man?). Although I love the sound, sometimes this macho quality, the subjugation of women to men’s sexual appetites makes me uncomfortable.

    Interestingly, the same concern (complaint?) is also raised about a lot of contemporary Hip Hop and Rap music — the “pimp” and “ho” themes.

    Does anyone else have these feelings?

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