Banjo Links


Just in case our reading and listening has piqued rather than sated your desire for banjo knowledge, here are a few links that will keep you going. I’ve set up a new little category of links over on the right, “Banjo Links,” so you’ll still have access to them after this post disappears into the archives.

The Carolina Chocolate Drops have filled their site with great music and news about their mission to keep the African-American banjo tradition alive.

Jubilee Gourd Banjo makes banjos that recreate, as closely as possible, the instruments of the 18th and 19th centuries. There’s no telling how close their sound is to the original, but each instrument Jubilee makes is a beautiful work of art. Please stop by and take a look.

The Old-Time Herald ran an article some time ago documenting Ulf Jagfors’s search for the origins of the banjo. There are plenty of pictures and sound clips on the site from Jagfors trip to West Africa.

Jagfors devoted most of his study to the relationship between the African akonting and the banjo. If you want to know more about the akonting, here’s an instructional video! Daniel Jatta shows you basic akonting technique – looks a lot like clawhammer banjo to me.

Finally, The Banjo Project calls itself “a cross-media cultural odyssey.” Whether or not it achieves those ambitions, the website is loaded with links, interviews and performance videos.

I hope you enjoyed listening to Deep Blue Sea from Otis Taylor’s Recapturing the Banjo. The video below will tell you more about the project – please enjoy!

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