Before They Close the Minstrel Show


Before they Close the Minstrel Show

By Bob Coltman

Poster’s peeling underneath, last summer’s morning glory vine,

An old white hat and a stump of cigar and an empty bottle of wine


Lay me down, Carolina, lay me down,

Don’t want to wake up in the morning no more

Sing me one slow, sad song for this one last old time,

Before they close the minstrel show.

Banjo’s got a broken string, don’t ‘spect I’ll get to fix it now

Won’t be no more chance to sing, I’m rusty anyhow


The money and the crowd run out, before we left the last town

This old show done play its run, and rung the curtain down


Daddy Bones is dead I guess, you probably don’t know or care

And Frank and Arch has gone away, somewhere I don’t know where


Don’t know where I’ll go from here, come to that I guess I just don’t care

Maybe I’ll go to a better place and the minstrel show’ll be there


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