Odds and Ends


Jeff Schiffman sent a link to this Boston Globe article about the Passim Center’s New England Folk Archive project. If anyone’s got the archives, it’s the Passim Center.

After our class this coming Tuesday, the HILR Playreaders will devote at least some of their considerable talents to reading a play by Bob Kinerk. It’s in our classroom and gets underway at 3:10 PM.

I’m also adding a few links to our growing list: Phonozoic is “a website dedicated to the history of the phonograph and other early sound media.” My favorite page is full of links to online recordings, including the first sounds ever recorded, back in 1857 (no, it wasn’t Edison or Bell. Yazoo Records has been reissuing recordings of American Rural music for quite a while, and they do a wonderful job. At Besmark you can listen to recordings made directly from a 1918 hand-cranked Victrola. Archeophone Records did a companion CD for Stomp and Swerve: American Music Gets Hot, 1843-1924, the book from wich part of this week’s reading was taken. They’ve done the complete recordings of the great Bert Williams, and their latest release is Debate ’08, a reissue of cylinder recordings made by Bryan and Taft as part of the 1908 presidential campaign. They’ve also got a page of free downloads!

Below you’ll see the cover of a songbook (published in Boston!) celebrating the music of the pioneering Virginia Minstrels. What a time it was…..


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