Awake Our Souls!


Great news! Judy Uhl’s husband David has most graciously agreed to lead our session on shape note singing. We’ll start the class with a short film, and then David will take over. The hope is that we’ll take a crack at singing before we leave and to that end I’ll distribute a couple of songs of David’s choice on our weekly CD and give you a copy of the printed music for those songs from the Sacred Harp Songbook at the end of the prior week’s class.

To make this work, I’ve switched the week 10 Carter Family session to week 9 (November 25) and our shape note session will take place on December 2 as week 10. I’ve rearranged the readings and syllabus pages on the blog to reflect the session-shuffling.

The video we’ll see in class is an embryonic version of the excellent 2007 film on Sacred Harp singing, Awake My Soul. The film began as a student project by Erica Hinton, and later turned into a feature-length documentary that was shown on many PBS stations last year. We’ll see the 10-minute student film. At the bottom of the post you can see the film’s trailer, and its official website is a great resource for Sacred Harp history and information – make sure to visit the info/links page.

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