Week 4 Open Thread and Link to Anthology Book


Use this thread to continue the scintillating discussion of week 4, to anticipate the delights of our upcoming week 5 meeting, or just to share a musical thought.

A couple of weeks ago I posted some Anthology lyrics scanned from an out-of-print book that Dan was gracious enough to lend me. My find of the night is a link to the entire book, downloadable either in its entirety as a zip file, or page-by-page. I try to be sensitive to copyright issues, so use your own judgment here.

The picture below is of the ballad maven himself, Francis J. Child. You may not know that he lived at 67 Kirkland Street in Cambridge, and the house, built in 1861, is now on the National Register of Historic Places.


One Response to “Week 4 Open Thread and Link to Anthology Book”

  1. Don Bashline Says:

    I’m adding a link to an article Marty Goldman cited in a comment he posted earlier today – it’s a wonderful survey of Appalachian dialects – thanks, Marty!

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