Week 3 Open Thread


Comments please! Anything to say about our week 3 meeting? Looking forward to week 4? Let us know. If you’re not a group member – how did you find us? How did you find the Anthology?

Dan and Judy each had the idea that group members might enjoy picking a song from the Anthology and doing a 10-15 minute mini-report on it in class. I told them I thought it was a great idea and would bring it up in class – I forgot, but here it is now: pick a song, any song, let me know which one you want and when you want to do it.

I’m going to kick off the comment portion of this post with a “review” of Geoff Muldaur and Jim Kweskin’s Passim show last night. Our friend Harry Smith was a topic of discussion.

Finally, in honor of the American economy, listen to Woody Guthrie sing Talking Dust Bowl Blues. See you Tuesday.

6 Responses to “Week 3 Open Thread”

  1. Don Bashline Says:

    Geoff Muldaur and Jim Kweskin were at Passim last night, and after they did Fishing Blues (number 84 on the Anthology) someone asked Jim where he learned the song: he told us about his first experience, in the late ’50s, with the Anthology, and how big an influence it was on him and his peers. Later they did The Cuckoo and Minglewood Blues – three Anthology songs on the evening. It was a great show, and they’re back tonight if you’re in the neighborhood.

  2. Trish Hogan Says:

    Darn, I only read your comment today, Sat. too late to catch last night’s show! I receive Passim’s bulletins but have no idea who most of the feature performers are. Consequently I miss out. Will you let me know the next time someone is at Passim’s worth hearing?

    The class #3! Stupenduous. Great!

    I’ve listened to Week 4 CD you so graciously made for us…it’s very interesting. Of course I recognized Joan Baez’ rendition of The House Carpenter. Hearing the other three renditions on the same CD is unusual and very helpful. Same for the Lord songs and Barbara Allen. Did you say no one knows who Barbara Allen was or something like that?

    This is all for the moment. See you Tuesday.

  3. Don Bashline Says:

    Hey, this blog is the only stop you need to make for all your folk music needs! There’s a Passim link over on the right that gives you access to their schedule.

  4. Trish Hogan Says:

    Wow! Am I blind ‘cus I seem to miss so much of the great stuff you have in this blog. I’ll keep at it until I know every last ballad, song, reading, and reference. Thanks again.

  5. Trish Hogan Says:

    Sure I know the Passim link…even when reading their schedule I’d have no idea who Geoff Muldaur and Jim Kweskin were nor that they were singing Harry Smith’s stuff. I’m a novice with this music so having access to the schedule doesn’t help when I no not the musicians.

  6. Judy Uhl Says:

    The Woody Guthrie dust bowl blues was simply marvelous. Reminded me of how powerful music can be. However, the videos and photos took center stage here. Lately I’ve been discussing with friends just how fragile our society is, and these pictures brought home the same thought. When Woody talks of getting some spuds and feeding the kids, you can just imagine a new generation migrating from place to place in search of work if the economy shuts down. I used to think these thoughts were just pessimistic, but…

    We will see a new interest in the ballads of the 30s. The pictures will be higher quality, but I don’t think they could be any more poignant.

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