Lyrics Posted


Based on your input, I posted the lyrics for a dozen Anthology songs as a new page. The page (link to your right titled “Lyrics to Selected Songs”) takes you to a file with ten lyrics scanned from Dan’s book (thanks, Dan!) and a couple dug up by me. Most of the ones from Dan’s book are not labeled with the title (the title was on the music page and I only scanned the lyrics page) but you’ll surely figure out which song is which.

Pretty much all of the Anthology song lyrics reside somewhere on the web, so if the one you wanted isn’t posted here, try googling the song title. For Carter Family lyrics, look here; try this site for blues lyrics.

We’ll start out Tuesday by listening to and talking about a bunch of these songs, but if anyone wants to hear and discuss one that’s not on the lyric list, just ask: they’re all on my computer. While you’re printing the lyrics, check out this little video of 82-year old Birdie Reece, buck dancing to her own harmonica accompaniment – feel free to dance along!


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