Open Thread – Week 2


Comments on any topic are welcome, but – please let me know what song lyrics you want me to scan out of Dan’s book. I’ll do the dozen or so songs for which there are the most requests, as long as I get them by the end of next week – that lets me do the scanning over the weekend and have it on the blog by our next meeting.

I’m adding a link (look under “Related Links” on the right) to John Cohen’s home page. Cohen has had a long and remarkable career as a musician, photographer, artist and filmmaker, and the site is well worth a visit.

For those interested in some background on the film we saw today, there’s a very useful article entitled John Cohen in Eastern Kentucky in the online journal Southern Spaces, and I’m also adding a link to it.

Finally, here’s a clip from Roscoe Holcomb’s performance on Pete Seeger’s Rainbow Quest TV show. Please enjoy!

One Response to “Open Thread – Week 2”

  1. Don Bashline Says:

    George posted a comment on the “About This Site” page with his list of songs – I’m reproducing it here in case you haven’t seen it. I’m only scanning songs for which people have questions about the lyrics – feel free to add to George’s list by Friday night. I’ll do the scanning on Saturday and post the songs on the site. Here’s George’s list –

    Volume 1:

    Charles Giteau
    Engine 143
    John Hardy
    Old Shoes and Leggins
    Henry Lee
    Old Lady and the Devil

    Volume 2:

    The Wild Wagoner
    Arrcadian One Step
    La Danseuse
    Old Country Stomp
    Saut Crapaud

    Volume 3:

    The Spanish Merchants Daughter
    The Mountaineer’s Courtship
    Single Girl
    Fishing Blues
    Roll Down the Line (Kingston Trio made ths song famious in 1959, I took on the bango after Dave Guard. He later quit the trio, went down to Australia and became a sheep farmer).

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