Week 1 Open Thread


Thanks to all for your participation today! While you’re free to say anything you want in comments on an open thread, I’d like to hear from you on how much music you’d like to have us listen to at our meetings. I think I missed a couple of opportunities for music today – let me know your ideas, please!

Since the pictures didn’t copy or scan too well out of this week’s readings, here’s a great picture you didn’t get a good look at.

The alchemist tranforming milk into milk - photo by Allen Ginsberg 1985

The alchemist tranforming milk into milk - photo by Allen Ginsberg 1985

3 Responses to “Week 1 Open Thread”

  1. Judy Uhl Says:

    Several people commented on how hard it is to follow the words of some of the songs. And for some songs, the words are priceless. If Dan really has the words to the songs, I wonder whether it would be possible to scan a few and display the words on the screen as we listen to them. Not every song–just the ones with great story lines that you know you want to play.

  2. Don Bashline Says:

    If it’s OK with Dan, let’s do it! We can talk tomorrow about what songs we’d like to do this with, and either Dan can scan them in or I will, and it’s then an easy matter to post them on the blog. We can then not only look at them while we listen to the songs in class, but all have access to them for future reference.

  3. Dan Watt Says:

    I’m all for this idea. The book is out of print and used copies are selling for $50 or more. So I’m all for scanning and sharing pages. I’ll bring the book to class.

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