Anthology Documentary on TV


George Cha commented last week about a 2CD/2DVD set he’d seen at Barnes and Noble – The Harry Smith Project: The Anthology of American Folk Music Revisited. This was one I hadn’t heard of, so I looked it up – 2 CDs and one DVD contain performances from a set of concerts collectively called The Harry Smith Project, in which contemporary rock and folk artists reinterpret Anthology songs. These have been released in a few configurations over the years (the concerts were held from 1999-2001) and we’ll be seeing a performance from one of those prior releases in week 4.

The second DVD is the documentary film, The Old, Weird, America, which includes not only some of the concert performances, but footage of Anthology artists and interviews with many whose lifes were changed by the Anthology. I’ve never seen it end-to-end, and it seems that the only way to purchase it is as part of this set.

But there is another way to see it – it’s being televised by Ovation TV (check with your cable provider!) on September 30 at 3 P.M. and 6 P.M., and on October 1 at 2 A.M. Ovation has kindly provided a clip on their website (follow the Ovation link above), and I am providing a clip below. Check out Tom Ashley, Eck Robertson, and Son House and stick around for Nick Cave.


2 Responses to “Anthology Documentary on TV”

  1. Judy Uhl Says:

    Comcast does not appear to offer this television station. Did anyone find it?

  2. Don Bashline Says:

    The Ovation site has a little search box that lets you find out if the channel is available in your area.

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