The Right Side of the Page


Take a look at the right side of the page and you’ll see the headings “Blogroll”, “Get Music”, “Related Links”, and “Web Radio.” Here’s a quick survey of what’s there right now.

There’s only one relevant listing on the Blogroll right now, but it’s a good one, The Celestial Monochord, chronicling one man’s obsession with the Anthology.

The Internet Audio Archive (listed under “Get Music”) claims to have over 100,000 free digital recordings, and many of those are blues and folk recordings from the 1920’s and before.

The related links list includes the Old Time Herald, the leading magazine of Old Time Music, the Smithsonian Folkways home page, and one of my absolute all-time favorites, the Cylinder Preservation Project. The Project site has more than 8,000 cylinder recordings available for streaming or download, all free and most with surprisingly good sound. There’s some old time and country music, a few fiddle tunes, and a number of minstrel and rag tunes that would have influenced many of the musicians on the Anthology.

“Web Music” leads off with Sugar in the Gourd, “Old Time all the Time,” streaming old time music 24/7/365. They play a good mix of contemporary and “classic” artists – the last hour included selections from Roscoe Holcomb (you’ll meet him on September 23), Uncle Dave Macon and Dock Boggs. Venerable Music features Venerable Radio, which also streams vintage music, but is way more eclectic than Sugar in the Gourd. They do mostly jazz, blues and country music from the 20’s to the 40’s.

I’ll be adding links to all these categories as we move along – keep watching and do some exploring!


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