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For those of you who have not yet purchased the Anthology, the lowest price out there today is $66.15 here. Folkways sells it here for $79, but offers a 15% discount for purchases over $150, so if you want to pair up with someone and buy 2, or if you browse around their website and find some more stuff you want, it works out about the same. Smithsonian Folkways sells, among other things, the entire catalog of Folkways Records through its site, so there are innumerable treasures awaiting you there.

If you do have the Anthology, you’ve undoubtedly not been able to resist doing some listening. At our first meeting, I’m hoping that everyone will have listened through at least once, and that’s best done with Harry’s original booklet at hand.

I’m looking to have a syllabus together and out to you by the end of next week, but will have the first three weeks up here by Sunday night if my luck holds out. Until then, here’s Mississippi John Hurt from an old episode of Pete Seeger’s TV show.

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2 Responses to “Points of Information”

  1. Week 8 Music Notes « Harry’s Music Says:

    […] a video of Hurt’s appearance on Pete Seeger’s TV show: if you didn’t see it then, see it now. Hurt recorded Avalon Blues in 1928. We met Frank Stokes on the Week 6 CD where he sang I Got Mine. […]

  2. Week 11 Music Notes « Harry’s Music Says:

    […] Mississippi John Hurt: Today!, he doesn’t sound much different. Way back in August, I did a post that included a video of Hurt’s appearance on an episode of Pete Seeger’s Rainbow Quest TV show. You might […]

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